Varolo is LIVE

Varolo is up and running 100% now as of April 17th! Join and start making money. 100% Free! Have your friends join and help them grow their village, which will also add to your village! 

I wanted to let you know that this is all 100% Free. No credit card involved. All you need is Paypal to start making money. 

Now, I hope you all are ready to start making a living working from home.  I stumbled upon this great opportunity about 6 months ago. Since then i have told my friends about it and they all started to join. The key to making money here is to sign up and have your friends sign up too. Once they sign up and watch ads, you get paid. That simple. Well your wondering now, why would they want to watch ads? Well the concept to this program is that Advertisers like Wal-Mart  are paying this site every time we watch an ad. When we watch an, ad part of the money that the site makes goes to the person who signed you up. Now, you can't just sign people up and wait for a check to come in. Once you have money to be claimed, you have to watch ads yourself to get the money released to you. It only takes about 10 minutes a day. Thats it! It will not matter if you have 25$ or 2500$ waiting for you that week. It only takes about 10 minutes a day or you can do it all in one day if you like. The program is based around you! 

Your next question might be well what if i only get 5 people signed up. Will i still make money? YES! Every time your friend signs someone up they also become apart of your village. It goes down the line 5x that. Which means your friends, friends, friends, friends, friends all become part of YOUR village too! So, if you get 5 people to sign up and each of them get 5 people all the way down the line. 

Lets do some math. Now multiply 5x5x5x5x5= 15,625 villagers are now apart of your Village too! Ok, now lets say they watch 10 ads each per day(approx 5-8 minutes). That is 156,250 ads. Now each ad pays different but, for the low side of the $$. Lets say each ad paid 1 cent. 15,625 x .01 = That is $156.50 in a day!! Now you see why i am letting everyone know about this site? 10 minutes a day could make you $1,095.50 per week. If you want to know more and sign up, go to the link below. Don't pass this opportunity up! 
                                        Varolo Village - Sign up Here! 

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