Launch Update! Build your Village Today!!

Varolo would like to officially announce its launch date of April 17, 2011.  What does launch mean?
  • Full priced ads so everyone earns maximum village earnings.  No more reduced priced ads for advertisers.  We will enforce the minimum advertiser price of 1 cent/ad view which is what all the money making examples are based on.  We expect this price to go up over time and the more advertisers pay, the more money you earn.
  • There are plenty of ads for everyone to get at least 140 each week.  Everyone can claim 100% of their village earnings.
  • The jackpot is running and each ad you watch increases your chance to win.  There has already been thousands of dollars given away.
  • The Jackpot splash up is running, which means that if anyone in your village wins the weekly jackpot, you also win! 
Why are we so excited?  There are more than 55,000 people that have joined Varolo in the last several months.  Many villagers have been waiting until the official launch before using Varolo.  Well that day is near!  Build your village.  Login and watch ads now.  Be ready for the Varolo launch April 17th!
Varolo will also be announcing a very special launch contest that you are not going to want to miss.  How would you like to have 500 people be added to your village?  More on this soon.
Remember, Varolo is based on a system where if everyone participates, everyone wins.  We have plenty of advertisers excited to use Varolo.  Just watch your ads each day and share this amazing opportunity with your friends.  And because Varolo is totally free and your friends can earn money, who wouldn’t want to do it?  The more people participate, the more money everyone makes!
Your Varolo Team